MY Story

Hello there,

Thank you for checking out my work. I hope you are fan ,well you must be to be here ! I love drawing, I have loved drawing since I can remember. My dad was an artist and I grew up watching him paint and draw these amazing pieces.  I grew up in Syracuse,NY and after High School I attended OCC a community college. I loved my art classes so much at the Community College that I applied to the Art Institute of Seattle and I got accepted!!

During my stay, there was an earthquake and as a young girl very far away from home I left and transferred to Lasell College in Boston. I graduated from Lasell with a B.S. in Fashion Design.  I enjoy Watercolor painting and pen and ink drawings the most. My ultimate dream is to illustrate my own children's book.I now reside happily in Syracuse,NY with my three kids. I draw and paint everyday no matter where I am or what I am doing,my paints come with me. Live your best creative life!

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